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Let's Talk Family Banking

Boucoup is the only family banking experience that integrates with your core and brings your youth products to life with a unique family banking experience. 

Boucoup Screens

Chores and Allowances

Parents can assign chores and allowances. Kids can mark them complete and get paid! 

Parent Dashboard

Parents can see all their kid accounts at a glance. Including balances and transactions. 

Not your Dad's Financial Literacy

Our approach to financial literacy takes the best of social media to entertain and educate. 

Send/Request Money

Parents can send money to their kids in real-time with a single tap. 

Schedule a Call

Are you ready to bring your youth products to life? Let's schedule a call. 

Did you know only 4% of Gen Z (age 12 to 27) bank with credit unions? At the same time, fintechs like Greenlight and Copper have millions of users that pay $5 to $10 USD a month to solve their family banking needs? 

Now is the time to serve families and attract the next generation.